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Web Hosting FAQ

Does my website Package include a domain name & hosting? What if I want to host somewhere else?
Domain name & Hosting package are included with our Web Designing Package. If you don't have an existing domain name, has a wide variety of TLDs like .com, .net, .in,, etc., for you to pick from. If  it is mandatory for you to transfer it over to

I do not have content for some pages on my website. Will you write content for me?  believes that you understand your business or hobby best and hence will be able to translate your ideas to the web content much better. Owing to this,  does not write content for you. All content, images, logos, text, video, audio, etc will be provided by you. will use these content elements to create a professional looking website for you.

How much video / audio can I add to my website?
This will completely be dependent on the hosting package and the availability of hosting space for that package. It is however highly recommended that you use 3rdparty sites like YouTube to upload your videos and embed those links on your website. This is considered best practice to use your hosting space more efficiently.

I do not have a logo for my website; will you create one for me?
Logo design is not included as part of this package. You must provide a logo for inclusion on the website if you would like one added to your website.

Will you resize/bevel/re-color my images?
Our designers will use all the images you provide as-is. Besides basic cropping, we are unable to perform advanced manipulation on your images. Please ensure that you send us the images you want to use in a ready-to-upload format.

Will you configure email accounts for me?
Email accounts must be configured by you using your email hosting control panel or you can seek help from the friendly support team once you purchase the hosting package from us.  professional web-designers cannot assist with email configuration.
Will you create an account with a Payment Gateway provider for me?
You must provide details for the Payment Gateways to be integrated into your Ecommerce website. Your security is of utmost importance to us and keeping your privacy in mind, our web designers do not create Payment Gateway accounts on your behalf.

What do you mean by 'Site Build Time'?
Site Build Time is calculated as the time taken to publish the website once all content and approvals have been provided by you. We will publish your website in less than 2 weeks once all approvals are received.

Will you optimize my website to make it search engine friendly?
At this time, no customized search engine optimizations are included as part of this package. We will soon offer specialized plans to cater to your SEO needs.

Will you create a Google Analytics account for my website?
Your website design package includes a Google Analytics widget that will give you access to a Google analytics account. However, the account needs to be created, set up and owned by you from the Google Analytics *link*. Please note that the designers will not be involved in the actual analysis using your Google analytics account.

Can I add widgets outside of the ones offered in the package, during the website setup phase?
Most of the commonly used widgets you may require are already included in the package. However, should you need any more, you are free to add any publicly available Wordpress widgets on your own.

Will you add Flash content / banners to my website?
We typically advise against Flash banners - we offer scrolling image banners that are much better from a usability perspective for your website. However, if you give us the flash (.swf) file, we will upload it for you. Please note this package does not include creation of flash banners for you.

Will you add new widgets to my website after it has been built if I buy a maintenance plan?
Sure we will - as long as the widgets belong to a set of the widgets included in the corresponding design package. For example, we'll gladly add a contact form for you if that's what you want. If the widget is not included in the original design package then we won't be able to add it.

Can I contact you if I need changes to my website once it is published?
Once your website is published, consultations with the web designer are limited to 1 revision within 30 days of your site being published. A revision is counted as all changes in a single phone call .If you need ongoing maintenance, please consider signing up for our annual maintenance packages.

Can I carry over unused consultation time / additional product setup in the maintenance plan to the next month?
Unused time or product setup credits cannot be carried over to the next month.

Your Ecommerce package offers only 20 products. What if I need more?
The one-time setup fee for your E-commerce website includes FREE installation for up to 20 products. Requests for additional products will incur a fee (Refer to our maintenance package fee schedule for details). Note that your ecommerce website supports up to 200 products.

Can I cancel my website design package?
The website design package may be canceled prior to the creation of the first website design template for a cancellation fee ( There is no scope for any refund once the website is published after your final approval.


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